Monday, March 5, 2012

Cute finds for great prices!!

In this post I am going to be putting up links to sites that carry some of the MOST WANTED fashion pieces out there for this upcoming spring/summer season! Hope you all enjoy!
The link above is to these very ADORABLE and very popular on pinterest. These are Lauren Conrad shorts and they are on sale at Khol's for $37.50 I know that I am going to be buying a pair!!

This dress is too adorable. It has that Native American theme going through it. I think it is a very flirty dress and strapless dresses with these kinds of patterns can slim and accentuate all the right areas of the body. This great dress is from Forever 21 and it is on sale for $17.36

This cute floral romper is from Forever 21 for only $11.55!! These rompers are so cute and there are 3 colors to choose from!

Just a quick side note: At Ross right now they have adorable maxi tribal skirts and some fun little pieces that can be helpful to any outfit! I just went there last night and fell in love with some pretty great pieces! And all of them were under $20! In my next blog I will put in pictures of what I found! :]

Sorry this post is so short...i just wanted to get a few good steals out there right now! Lots, Lots, more to come!

love, sincerely me, ~Ashley Marie~

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  1. I really love your blog! I love your shopping tips and celeb critiques :) I had a lot of fun reading everything so far. Thanks and great work!