Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Style Critiques!

In this post I am going go be critquing some of my favorite outfits on celebrities! I hope you all enjoy! 

Leighton Meester is wearing a very fun and chic outfit. It has a very fun mix of patterns that show a very confident and fun style. It is so fun to make bold statements with your outfits. By mixing patterns that share the same basic color (like the blue in Leighton's outfit) can be a very chic, sophisticated way to add some pazzass to any style! Don't be intimidated by trying fun new ideas like this, start with calmer patterns until you get comfortable with a more bold look! Don't be afraid to try new fun ideas!!

Miley Cyrus rocks the rocker/grudge look while still being flirty and girly. I am absolutely in love with the fedora with the feathers and she keeps the whole "Native American" theme going with adorable black moccasin style boots. The boots and hat definitely  make this outfit!

Jessica Simpson is one of my favorite designers. I think he knack for style is uncanny. Some hate on Jessica because of weight issues and the "dumb blonde" persona but I think the girl can dress! In the picture above she is wearing a gorgeous sheer, floral blouse that I am absolutely in love with. You can wear in all the way buttoned, half way, or even as a cover up. Also, I love her red bag as well. I think her pulling the red from her shirt to her accessories was a great touch!

I randomly found this outfit by surfing the internet and there is just something about it that attracted my eye. I am not so in love with the overall look but the white lace cover is an amazing piece and by paring it with the headband pulls the whole outfit together.

Wearing statement pieces, like the one shown above on Ashley Olsen, can be a great way to spark up any outfit. The head wrap is such a fashion forward statement. I think it looks better with more simpler outfits like; jeans and a t-shirt. I have yet to buy a head wrap for my own but it is on my to get list. I think it is a great, easy way to show off your style...and you can literally throw it on when you get out of bed and still look chic!

Nicole Richie really nailed this boho look. The tucked in sheer shirt with the tights and hat is so adorable. I love this outfit as a whole. I think the floppy hat is so cute, and it is becoming very popular amongst celebs. It is another fun way to add a little bit more to any look!

Lindsay Lohan is wearing a simple outfit but the boots are what make it special. I am so in love with these shoes that I am going to go buy them after I write this blog. :]

I am so excited to see more traffic on the blog! Please, leave comments and ask me anything!

love, sincerely me, ~Ashley Marie~

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