Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It all starts here...

I have always had a knack for fashion and I have always been told by friends and family how much they would love to be able to go shopping with me and learn my tricks...so that is how I came up with this idea! Basically what this blog is going to entail is my life journey through my own fashion world. From coming shopping with me to actually buying clothes I find that you love, this blog is a one stop shop to the fashion world...and for cheap! 

I grew up in a very small town close to Tahoe, California. I was raised in a middle class home where money was tight, and that is where my journey began. Through high school I would idolize those girls...c'mon you know who I am talking about the ones who ONLY wore designer and wouldn't even step foot into a thrift store let alone a Ross. And that is where I was stuck with trying to fit in and only having the means to shop at the "FORBIDDEN" places. That is when I started having to get creative and more welcoming to not so eye catching merchandise and make it chic. 

It was rough starting out because I just wanted to be like the other girls and not have to make do with what I had, but then I realized that I was lucky. I was and am lucky because I was introduced to the vintage world of fashion, thrift HUNTING (not just shopping) and I had to open that more creative side of my mind. Once I was over the first initial hump, I was becoming a professional stylist for myself and I didn't even know it. I was constantly getting complements by women and men of every age on my fashion. (Don't get me wrong somedays I am just a jeans and a t-shirt kinda girl but this new found hobby became my obsession...and that is how I became good at it. 

Today I find myself going into thrift stores and vintage shops for hours and walking away with the best steals that any fashion loving girl would die for. I am going to invite you into my world and let you critique me and my style as well as the merchandise I offer on here. I also am more than willing to take requests on what some of you may be in search of and can't find. If it is out there I can find it, I can style it, and I can make it yours!

This blog is just an opener, if you will, or a more detailed introduction. There will be many more to come! 

love, sincerely me ~Ashley Marie~

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